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The City of Corinth has control of the fields Monday through Friday. LCBA has control of the fields on Saturday.


City Tournament:

The week of June 14th through June 18th is the City Tournament for ages 7/8 - 13/14.  Games will be played every night with the finals on June 18th.  LCBA encourages all teams to come watch the final games with their LCBA Team jerseys on.  Brackets will be posted soon here and at the concession stand.

All Stars:

There will be a MANDATORY coaches meeting on June the 12th at the concession stand for All Star nominations.  Coaches, please make sure parents understand the commitment needed for All Stars.  You MUST bring the birth certificate copies to this meeting for any child nominated for All Stars.

Age break out times are as follows:

    1:00 PM  7/8 DIVISIONS
    2:00 PM  9/10 DIVISIONS
    3:00 PM  11/12 DIVISIONS
    4:00 PM  13/14 DIVISIONS

Dates and Locations:

    7/8 – JUNE 25TH  PILOT POINT
    9/10 – JULY 2ND  AUBREY
    13/14 – JUNE 25TH  SANGER

Please go to the concession stand and record your score after your game.  The winning coach is responsible for this.  In the event of a tie, the home team is responsible.
Trash - Please clean your dugout when your game is finished.
Any on field practice MUST be scheduled with the Director of Fields.
If your dugout is out of water or cups, please locate a board member.
Only listed coaches or other certified personnel may be in your dugout or on the field. 



Please send ideas and  comments about  our new website to our Webmaster.

Opening Day

April 2nd.  All teams and ages are urged to participate.


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