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  2005 Season
Corinth Fields
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The City of Corinth has control of the fields Monday through Friday. LCBA has control of the fields on Saturday.


Corinth Baseball Fields -TRASH PICK-UP
LCBA would like to remind all visitors to please pick up after your games.  Please take all of your trash to the collection bins before you leave.  Also, Coaches and Team Moms, please pick up all drink cups and snack trash from the dugouts and surrounding areas so the next team has a clean dugout.

Coaches Meeting June 12th
Please go to the coaches page for an important message about the City Tournament, and All Star nominations.

City Tournament
The week of June 14th through June 18th is the City Tournament for ages 7/8 - 13/14.  Games will be played every night with the finals on June 18th.  LCBA encourages all teams to come watch the final games with their LCBA Team jerseys on.

Divisional Standings

All standings that are recorded in concession stand have been complied and placed on the standings page.  Please go and check your teams record.  There is also a list of games missing.  If you have the information, please forward it to john@lakecitiesbaseball.com  Thank you.

Photo Gallery

While we do our best to take pictures of all team, we welcome some of your photos as well.  If you have digital pictures of your teams available, please send them to John Culp at john@lakecitiesbaseball.com  Thank you for your help.

Team Photos are starting to arrive.  When the do, some one will bring them to you.

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Please email ideas and  comments about  our new website to our Webmaster.

Play Continues

We are over half way through the regular season. 


Please go to the coaches page for an important message.


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